It’s official!

the iron event summer harvest editionHere is the lineup of participants for The Iron Event’s Summer Harvest competition on Monday, September 9th 2013 at Pearl Street Grill:

  • J Lennon Lewandowski from Oliver’s
  • Nate Stockmaster from the Pan American Grille
  • Mike Andrzejewski from SEABAR
  • Steven Gedra from Bistro Europa
  • Jill Gedra Forsterfrom Nickel City Cheese
  • Christopher L. Daigler from Encore
  • Bruce Wieszala from Tabree
  • Matthew DiCamillo from DiCamillo’s Bakery
  • Frank Mercado from M&T’s Executive Dining Room
  • Jeffrey Cooke Jr. from Osteria 166
  • Jennifer Boye from The Mansion.

Many thanks go out to these great chefs for taking time out of their busy lives to do this for our cause!